1          Ease of constructionmonorail
2          Ease of site and route choice
3          Cost redemption of capital layout
4          Stimulation of support industries over city
5          Job creation in all areas of industry
6          Ease of other services adding
7          Ease of expansion only by more, trains, and coaches
8          Environmental friendly in use
9          Prime safety against vandalism, high-jacking and passenger harassment
10        Forceful begging “on streets” are eliminated

 A Monorail can carry up to 120 people per coach at any given time. By adding coaches the number can double up.  This compare to the capacity of 26 motorcars and the motorcars are a very unsuccessful system because of bad roads, congestion, road crossings and electricity shortfall if robots are used to control crossings. Any vehicle breakdown worsens the scenario.


With the distribution of electricity mayor costs are always within the pylons that is the carriers of the cables. The pylon cost is already covered when additional lines for more electrical supply are needed. The pylons and beams are excellent carriers for the cables